Sleepless Dream: Origin Story

Introduction to becoming a Sleepless Dreamer

When I was 20 years old, I accomplished a goal that I had set over a decade before as younger girl, wanting to escape the chilly woodlands of rural Connecticut: I was in Spain. Not only was I in Spain, I was enrolled in a foreign exchange program through CCSU & I managed to get myself matriculated at Universidad de Leon. So, more specifically, I was in Spain, for 10 months – Living the Dream! Except back then, that phrase hadn’t become trendy yet. The internet and wifi hadn’t taken over the Globe yet and my mode of communication and information exchange was still mostly by way of face to face conversations, shared books, mix-tapes, phone calls from pay phones and hand written letters.

It was there that I began to receive messages from Spirit that I couldn’t ignore. For lack of a better explanation, my room was haunted, by a restless Spirit. It would refuse to let me sleep and urge me to get up and draw. Mind you, I’ve been aware of Angels and other Light Beings in Spirit ever since I can recall and I grew up in an inhabited house on the Historic Lebanon Green in CT, so it wasn’t just that my room had spiritual activity, that much I was used to – it’s that it was so insistent on what it wanted me to do. I think, at some point, we’ve all had creative urges, hunches, impulses or insistent ghosts. When we tune into their guidance and start to differentiate from our own egotistical limitations, we engage with our Higher Selves & can live authentically – like we are in a dream, without being asleep.

The way I receive message from Spirit is best described as a thought that isn’t mine. I rarely see images, have visions or hear messages, but I do know the difference between my own thoughts and those that just seem to appear. So, I did something that now I would call very “Kaizen”, I started where I was and worked with what I had. I used a number 2 pencil and drew my totem symbols from that time: a sun & a moon. I found a local school supply store and purchased a small box of colored pencils, I took my simple drawing to the library and made copies for about $0.10/ea. and they became the stationary that I used to write all my letters to friends and family around the globe. On the back of each I would scribe: Sleepless Dream (peace & love.)

A few years later, after finally graduating, my next manifestation was an adventure to Puerto Rico to sing with a reggae band & live out my dream of Island Life in the Caribbean.  A rather dramatic 10 months later, I returned to the snowy river valleys of CT. The internet was in full swing and I was determined to create web sites so that I could work, on a laptop, from a beach, anywhere in the world. In 1999, I purchased my domain name: – (I considered Perpetual Daydream but thought it might be too hard to spell/explain so kept it simple.) I taught myself FrontPage ’98 & made my first cyber debut. All the while, not realizing that I was once again, working with the Law of Attraction and making my own dreams come true.

Fast forward through my twenties – I managed to not completely self destruct and just before I turned 30, I received my biggest blessing: when my daughter Ana Glorivette was born – total game changer! Besides being a single mom recovering from a reckless youth and trying to balance work/home duties, my thirties were mostly dedicated to trying to trying to unf*ck myself – getting myself therapy & working with Shaman to stop the pattern of abusive relationships. I started practicing giving myself permission to Lighten Up, tried to figure out self-care, made vision boards, read tarot, dosed myself with essential oils, practiced the magic art of tidying up & the joy of throwing things away. I was discovering I had inherent worth and trying to figure out how I could share what I learned with others. For the first time, I was actively trying to over come destructive patterns based on early childhood abuse and past life traumas, that I had subconsciously locked up for so long. I explored everything I could get my hands on about Miracle of Mind Power, Manifestation, Law of Attraction, Positive Affirmations, Vision Boards, NLP, EFT, Crystals, Essential Oils, Reiki, Tarot, Fen Shui, Numerology, the Zodiac, Spirituality – you name it, I was trying to make sense of it all – in fact I still am & I always will Be. Sleepless Dream became my portal to the wide world to share my findings, discoveries, inspirations and Joy.

Present day, Sleepless Dream is a Lifestyle:  I am thankfully still moved by Spirit to create Art and Music and do random acts of kindness. I strive to be impeccable with my word, mindful that my actions are in alignment with my goals, focused on the outcomes that I desire, conscious that everything is connected. I actively seeking for ways to protect our environment, raise awareness about Spiritual truths, Angels, Faerie and Divine Feminine. I am motivated to empower others and driven to follow my own creative Bliss, in hopes that I inspire others to do the same. My advice for dreamers: There is no right place to start, there is no right thing to do. When you look back, you’ll see, you were on the Path all along – your own Journey of self discovery – your own Sleepless Dream. Stay true to you. Stay close to what nourishes your Soul. Graciously accept help and encouragement from Others. Gratitude is a must. Let Spirit Guide You. Get to know the voice of your Higher Guidance & trust that Spirit will encourage the Greatest and Highest Good for All. Have FUN!!! Come with Love & Go in Peace.

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