Going out beyond fear

Life is mysterious and daunting and inspiring and terrifying. One minute we are so excited about our pie in the sky ambitions and the next moment, we are besides ourselves with doubt and dread. On any given day, we can experience so many different emotions and dramatic ups and downs and simply put: that’s Life.


So how do you navigate all the uncertainties and when will you start feeling comfortable being uncomfortable? First, in order to go out past our fears, we need to grant ourselves permission to do so. Living a life tied to your fears, only binds you to monotony and illusion. The extent to which your imagination can run wild is boundless! When you let your thoughts ‘runaway with you’ the amount of horrible possible outcomes that you can conjure up is staggering. On the flip side, you are also equally capable of envisioning scenarios that exceed your wildest expectations and fondest dreams. Where you direct your attention is where you'll find yourself in the future, so getting good at expecting the best is time much better spent than time wasted worrying.

Fear can be an affirmation of growth.

Becoming mindful of your thought patterns comes with patience and practice. At first it might seem overwhelming and bothersome but once you get good at flipping your script, you will look forward to the sensation of growth. The brain experiences fear and excitement the same way, leaving it up to you to get good at detecting the difference between the two. When is your ego preventing you from joy and new experiences vs. when are you truly in danger or at risk?

If you often reaffirm that you feel scared or uneasy, try reframing your statement to claim your excitement. How does it feel to say “I’m excited about my bright future.” “I can and I will!” or “Not knowing exactly what is in store for me is exciting, I know it’s going to work out perfectly for me and everyone involved.” That’s a bit of a mouthful, so put it into your own words. What are you excited about?

When you feel uncomfortable with change, examine your underlying fears. Remember, the acronym F.E.A.R.: False Expectations Appear Real. Your mind is a master at playing tricks on you! Staying true to yourself and detached from the outcome, keeps you in a place of ease and effortless flow. Showing up for your creative calling and aligning with your authentic self, helps you connect with your natural state of ease. Doing things that come naturally to you and that bring you joy are ways of reinforcing the feelings that you want to continue to experience.

Creativity can be spiritual  and provide you with heightened sense of connection with the Divine. It allows you to ‘lose yourself’ (meaning your ego) & ‘find yourself’ (meaning your Soul/Spirit/authentic self). It is a way to explore your feelings, thoughts, ideas and to give them a life beyond just being a broken record in your head. Committing to enjoying your creative journey and not being fixated by your destination, allows for a more meaningful, more fulfilling experiences.

Remember, you can’t mess up being you! Give yourself permission to not to be perfect, stay open to the possibility of everything working out for the greatest and highest good & look for ways to have fun! There will always be peaks and valleys, so best case is you enjoy the climb and the views! Embrace your divine right to live a joyful life. It’s ok to feel afraid, it’s you trying to keep you safe. Honor it when it’s truly a matter of life or death. It is also ok to take on a challenge, to try something new, to aspire to greatness and to honor what’s calling to you. Give thanks to your fears for showing up and then ask them to sit back and enjoy the show!!

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