I am passionate about teaching and empowering people in the workplace. In my current role as Creative Visionary at InCord, winner of Top Workplaces Award in CT for 9 consecutive years, I combine proven strategies from the business sector with insights gained from my lifelong pursuit with spirituality, art and creativity.

I am a certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach with vast experience in HR, Office Administration, Sales and Training. I have been leading corporate workshops for over 15 years and have developed several custom training modules for Understanding Enneagrams, Tarot for Strategic Leadership, Kaizen Muse Strategies for Success, and Vision Board workshops as well as more traditional courses like Visionary Leadership, Communication, Strategies, and Goal Setting.

All trainings are available in English as well as Spanish. All trainings foster team building, individual empowerment, and group collaboration.
Introduction to Enneagrams

Self-Development/Self-Awareness/Team Building

The enneagram is a study of the nine basic personality types of people. It explains why we behave the way we do, it points to specific directions for individual growth. It is an important tool for improving relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. By working with the enneagram we develop a deeper understanding of others and learn alternatives to our own patterns of behavior. We break free from worn-out coping strategies and being to see life from a broader point of view.


Basic overview of Communication designed to facilitate teamwork and better communication for your organization. Provides definition of communication, explores the value of asking questions, active listening and understanding the hierarchy of learning. Expanded course material can cover more esoteric themes like working with intuition, telepathy, sign interpretation, and mediumship.

Introduction to Vision Boards 

Self-Development/Goal Setting/Team Building

A vision board is a simple but powerful way to create clarity around the Life you want to create for yourself. Making a vision board helps you attract into your Life things and feelings that you want to have, to experience, to achieve, or to become. Vision Boards work with the Law of Attraction to remind yourself with images about the Life that you want and cause you to make shifts that allow you to align yourself with your passions and move in the direction of your Dreams. Vision Boards offer employers a way to allow employees to connect to their dreams and goals. Individuals with established goals are more motivated and engaged. Vision Boards can also be created for your company or specific departments. 

Kaizen Muse Strategies for Success

Introduction to Kaizen Muse Creative Coaching tools. Discover simple techniques to combat common blocks like overwhelm, procrastination, not knowing where to begin, and fears of not being good enough. This course includes a keepsake booklet that participants will complete and maintain as a future resource.

Tailormade Training

Training modules can be customized and specifically crafted for the goals of your organization. Contact me today to review your ideas and objectives.

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