Life Coaching

Life is a Game and you deserve a Coach who inspires you to bring out your inner Gold. You were born with natural greatness that is begging to be more fully expressed and brought to the Light. You know you are capable of more and are looking to tap into your own strengths, talents, guidance, and wisdom. Let’s do this!

My mission is to help you connect to Joy and feel fully aligned with your authentic self. Sleepless Dream Life Coaching is a no stress express approach to working with baby steps, to bypass your fears and blocks. Based on Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching, it blends brain science with creative principals and soulful practices, allowing you to access your full glorious potential with a sense of ease and playfulness so you feel confident and celebrate your own signature style.

Life Coaching

Get support with Living the Life of Your Dreams.
As a Creativity Coach and DoTerra Wellness Advocate, I will assist you with clearly establishing your goals and creative intentions and provide practical guidance and resources for achieving them. Programs are designed for Enlightened Individuals who are seeking professional help to overcome common obstacles and blocks such as: not knowing where to begin, overwhelm, procrastination, and self-sabotage.

What your future can hold

Imagine being able to clearly define and align with your Soul Purpose.

Picture yourself with rock solid self-confidence, owning your Life, with a crystal-clear vision for your future.

See yourself celebrating together with your family and friends enjoying abundance and ideal health.

Envision yourself comfortably working with natural laws of attraction to become a master manifester.

Feel empowered by your healthy boundaries and your positive relationship with yourself and others.

Vibrate at your highest frequency and know that when you do, the World becomes a better place.

Get skilled at identifying destructive patterns and facilitating the creation of your own new pathways for success.

Fancy feeling comfortable using Tarot, listening to your own intuition & speaking up with your own Voice.

Visualize trusting your instincts and pushing past your comfort zones with grace.

Embrace feeling empowered, authentic, affluent, and sovereign.

When we work together, your voice will be heard and honored. You will reconnect to your Divinity and remember how powerful and wise you truly are. You will start to feel more confident and empowered and will take full responsibility for Your Life and making it the Life of your Dreams.
Together we will continue your journey, creating new pathways of success and blazing trails of Bliss!

Sleepless Dream Life Coaching integrates Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching, which specializes in a blend of intellect and intuition to guide individuals past common blocks: such as Fear, including fear of failure, of wasting time and resources, of being judged or inadequacy. Fear of success and the responsibility associated with it. Self-sabatoge, procrastination, immobilizing perfection, overwhelm, procrastination, self-doubt, inability to focus, difficulty starting or finding time for projects, feeling stuck. If you are experiencing any of these, you are not alone & you don’t have to get through it on your own.

Robin Ritz, Certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach

Using my signature Sleepless Dream Life coaching approach, I have witnessed powerful transformations with myself and others. I have upgraded my own life from misery and financial struggle to a life filled with joy, good health, affluence, and a wildly satisfying career.

I have supported individuals through challenging break-ups and ending cycles of abuse.

I have assisted with new business start-ups, rebranding, and personal reinventions.

I’ve witnessed miraculous spiritual growth, personal ascension, and angelic interventions.

My mission is to help you connect to your Joy. As your Spiritual Sherpa, I balance Science and Spirit to help you help yourself. I’m here for you, you are not alone.

We’ll work with basic Psychology, Ancient Wisdom and Modern Magic to work through common blocks and create more enjoyment of Life. I welcome work with all stages of personal and spiritual growth, from just curious to seasoned and mature.

All programs are designed for enlightened individuals who are seeking dramatic personal and spiritual growth.

Does this sound like you?

Do you lack clarity about what you want and what to do about it?

Do you have low self-confidence and frequently doubt & second guess yourself?

Do you have ideas that inspire you but feel still feel stuck, unmotivated, or unsure about where to begin?

Do you want to tap into your personal power and natural talents but have no clue how?

Are you generally inquisitive, seeking for meaning and trying to “connect the dots?”

Are you wishing you could develop your intuition and psychic gifts? Do you feel compelled to make the World a better place and aren’t sure quite what to do about it?

You are naturally curious & creative. I’m here to facilitate your deeper understanding of the world around you and your unique place in it. You are tired of feeling like you are on your own. I am here to remind you that you are never alone. I’ll support you with a balance of intellect and intuition and act as a guide as you navigate and explore your possibilities on multiple dimensions.

How your transformation happens

Our primary focus is enjoyment of process and having fun!
You will explore what calls to you and discover what truly lights you up and to create new pathways of success.
You will discover your creative calling and get comfortable letting your voice be heard.
You’ll develop your natural talents and explore your inner most passions.
You’ll learn to break down tasks to small - even silly steps, so that you can easily get started and continue to enjoy your steps forward.
You’ll get comfortable in your own skin and positively glow!

What you will achieve

You will know yourself better and achieve more alignment with your authentic self. You will feel more naturally confident and self-assured.

You will gain a better understanding of Natural Laws and how to work with them to manifest whatever is calling to you. You will attract more opportunities that are in alignment with your Soul’s purpose.

You will look more radiant and vibrate at a higher frequency. You will attract positive attention and healthy loving relationships as you establish clear boundaries and break abusive patterns.

You will know that you can achieve anything you put your mind to and have the tools to continue to do so.

How this works

Phone or Video call 3x/mo (~45mins.)
Includes follow-up with summary and ongoing support.

We will start on a Discovery Call to explore Creative Intention and make sure we are a good match.

Depending on what calls to you, we’ll explore other resources and creative tools to support you along your way.

You’ll discover your Soul Matrix number, which reveals key personality features and likely challenges based on your birthday.

You’ll learn how to make a Vision Board and start truly seeing your Dream Life.

You’ll Master Impeccability with your Word.

You will be supported and reminded to give yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished.

Start now!

The best investment you can make is in yourself, you are more than worth it!

If you are ready to take your first small step on your new pathway of success and step away from your blocks and fears, schedule your Discovery call today.