Essential Oils Business Coaching

You can use Essential Oils for a very wide range of emotional and physical applications. dōTERRA®essential oils for Grounding, Centering, Balancing & Uplifting are available to you and can be easy to use.

If you are an inquisitive, self-motivated individual who is seeking to make empowered choices about your body and environment, help is available to allow you to better understand how to use essential oils in your home and workplace to achieve optimum health and wealth.

Essential Oils Business
How this works

Phone or Video call 2x/mo (~45mins.)
- Includes follow-up with summary and ongoing support

We will start on a Discovery Call for a Wellness Consult and make sure we are a good match. Coaching support is customized to meet your physical, emotional, and financial goals.

Coaching Package includes:
• Wellness Discovery Call to determine primary focus of our journey together.
• Getting started with dōTERRA®
• Understanding the basics of EO use
• Aromatherapy for Home & Work
• Make money sharing dōTERRA® Eos
• Education regarding specific objectives set by you.
• Phone or Video call 1x/mo (~1hr.)
   - Includes follow-up with summary and support

What your future can hold

Develop a sense of familiarity with Essential Oils properties, uses and tools.

Breathe easier and rest better knowing your home is free from toxins.

Feel supported to teach others about what plant medicine can do for them.

Positively influence others to make empowered health choices and become more affluent in the process.

Set your own pace

Everyone learns at their own pace and with their own style. I will honor the goals you set and the time you allow for your own personal development. I will support you in understanding the basics of dōTERRA® Essential Oil use and business tools.

What you will achieve

You will gain an understanding of the ways to use Essential Oils to support your optimum health and wellbeing. You will have a sense of ease and comfort, working with your Oils and sharing them with others. You will feel empowered by the healthy choices you are making for yourself and family.

Build on solid ground

Essential Oils can be found almost everywhere in Retail America. Understanding which ones are the best for you and how to use them most effectively can be a daunting task. I’ve spent years familiarizing myself with the benefits of essential oils and the ins and outs of dōTERRA® business building. You too can have a sense of accomplishment and feel informed about your choices.

Pricing structure

6 months or 1/yr - $250/mo  (Min. 6 month package)

Does this sound like you?

You want to make empowered decisions about your health working with plant medicine and need help understanding the ins and outs of dōTERRA® and essential oils?

Imagine you had a partner with experience to join you on your Essential Oil journey?

• Are you curious about essential oils and want to learn more?
• Do you already have a collection of oils and want to understand how to use them more?
• Do you want to switch from synthetic fragrances, meds and toxic cleaners and are looking for natural alternatives?
• Do you feel overwhelmed with information and want someone to make it simple for you?
• Do you want to create an additional revenue stream and empower others to help themselves?
• Do you need structured support to keep your EO business goals on track?
• Have you been orphaned by your upline and are looking to reengage on your EO journey?

Working with dōTERRA® Essential oils aligns you with a world class team of science backed support. I have been working with dōTERRA® since 2013 and enjoy helping others feel more comfortable and empowered with their own dōTERRA® Essential Oils journey.


I have had readings before. They were usually at a cliché Tarot Reading booth at a festival or in a sketchy shop in the city. The experiences were fun, and I always walked away with a good story. But the first time I sat down for a reading with Robin, everything changed. Before, I compared Tarot Readings to a carnival game; they were fun but didn’t expect much. Robin completely altered my experience with Tarot Readings. She had a calming presence, offered thoughtful insights, and challenged me to really think about what the Tarot Cards were “telling” me. It was powerful, emotional, and enlightening. I walked away feeling like I had a REALLY GOOD therapy session. Robin is an authentic spiritual soul, who chooses to build people up and share her peaceful energy with the world. I have since gone to Robin for two more readings and each time I walked away feeling better with renewed energy to tackle anything the world decides to throw at me.

Regina Hackett

I first learned about vision boards in 2019. I wasn't really sure what to expect. I don't win things, I don't necessarily consider myself lucky and for some reason it felt like I needed to be for it to actually work. So I was just following Robin's instructions. While going through the magazines I found meaning in so many pictures. A lot of what I desired in life. Even on the text like "Healthy" & "Love”. It wasn't until I started making statements out loud that I started believing. Not too long after that I found myself looking for a house and finding one very similar to the one I had on my vision board. Now three years later, many things on there have become reality. I am now a home owner, I had my second child and a happy and healthy family just to name some.


Robin is a wonderful creative coach and has been incredibly helpful and supportive on my journey. She has helped me identify some creative challenges and practice ways to work through them. Robin’s emphasis is on enjoyment of process, so our time together has focused on appreciating growth, even if it may feel uncomfortable, and learning that pleasure is on the other side of the painpoint, which is imaginary! I can talk with Robin about anything, and she always has judgment-free advice and words of wisdom for any topic. I look forward to continuing our work together and fulfilling my intentions with Robin’s guidance.

Em Kay

Robin is extremely gifted. I had wanted a reading done because I felt stuck inmy current place in life and wanted to know that I was on the right track. Robin’s Tarot Card reading ended up giving me chills. It resonated with me by showing the same patterns of numbers I have been seeing in my day-to-day life. During the reading, Robin was extremely empathetic and helped to validate some of the thoughts and emotions I have been having. Robin helped me to realize I was on the right track, as well as to help me choose the path as to what steps I should focus on next. I highly recommend a reading to anyone who is looking for coaching on the next steps of their journey.


My experience working with Robin has been extremely positive. She is exceptional at showing how to achieve your dreams by tackling goals one at a time. After only a short time using her techniques, I began operating within what she describes as the vortex of wellbeing. I now meet challenges that seemed impossible before working with Robin with ease and confidence. She is a fantastic listener, coach, and above all else, an incredible friend.

How it happens

You will set your own pace as you learn about dōTERRA® Essential Oils and products. Once you decide your health or wealth priorities, we will work together to expand your knowledge base and get you comfortable using and sharing oils.

About me

I believe in our ability to restore health. I believe in natural support to help us achieve optimum health. I believe your intuition and body will tell you what it needs, and you just have to get good at listening to it. I believe in supporting others on their journey as they discover all the wondrous benefits of working together with dōTERRA® and Essential Oils.

Contact me for more information and to set up a free Wellness Consult. Be sure to let me know if you are also interested in building your own dōTERRA® business and helping to empower others to take control of their own personal Health and create Financial Freedom.

Call or text me with your questions: 860-450-6164