Simple ways to start working with Angels

On my way to band practice tonight, the cloud formations in the sky were inspiring and looked like what my Soul Sister's girls call "Angel Highways." They inspired me to write about how effortless it can be to connect with Angels. Energetically speaking, Angels are multidimensional beings that vibrate at the same frequency as pure, unconditional, Divine Love. To envision an Angel, think of the brightest white light you can imagine, radiating out powerfully in all directions, making the most beautiful harmonic sound you've ever heard.

Working with Angels isn't complicated. You do not have to be religious or have gone to church. You don't need training or any qualifications. You might even be skeptical about them and that's ok too. Angels won't intervene on your behalf unless you ask them to. You can picture them as sentinels or super flashy bodyguards, standing by - waiting for a glance, a nod, a thumbs up, however you chose to communicate to them, that you would like their support. It can be asked out loud or made as a silent request in your Heart or said as a prayer. All that is important is that you affirm that you'd like to work with Angels, in whatever way occurs easiest and most comfortable to you.

Angelic love, guidance and support is available to everyone, all day, all night.

Once you decide that you'd like to work with Angels, they will surround you with feelings of love, joy and wellbeing. It is a given that in life we will have challenges and struggles and countless opportunities to grow. Working with Angels can help turn negatives into positives, can promote a sense of joyfulness & can help us remember that we are never truly alone. They will reveal to you through signs that they are always around you.

Pay attention to what catches your attention - it doesn't have to be logical or explained, once you feel it, you'll know it. It might be through numerology and seeing combinations of numbers in threes like 333 or catching times like 11:11, 1:11, 4:44 - signals to your subconscious that "All is Well" & "Angels are watching over." Smelling roses, seeing sparks or flashes of light, white flowers, doves or hearing chimes can also be ways that our Angels will remind us that they are near by. Keep a journal of what signs you are experiencing as you are exploring your connection and ways of communicating with them.

Angels simply want us to feel Love. There isn't any judgement, no requirements, no strings attached.

You can decide where, when and how you'd like to interact with them. If you are looking for a sign, just ask - you'll get one!

There is so much literature and information now available about Angels, if you are inquisitive and curious, you shouldn't have any problem finding out more. Doreen Virtue is a great place to start - she has Oracle Cards that I've used for years to continue to expand my relationships with and understanding of Angels. I completed her course as an Earth Angel Realm Reader - which gives insights as to which Angelic Realm we personally are associated with.

To help elevate your thoughts and facilitate your connection to Angelic Beings, you can work with high frequency essential oils like Rose or Citrus. The gem stone Angelite is another rock I typically have in my pocket to keep me connected to Angel Energy. Prayer Candles or simple white candles are useful for working with Angels too.

The more you allow Angels to help you, the more you will be able to help yourself and others. The more you allow yourself to receive, the more you will have available to give. I hope you stay open to the possibility of miracle and wonder & I hope you find that working with Angels is something that comes effortlessly and naturally to you. Allow yourself to return to your natural state of Bliss!

If you find yourself wanting more help, guidance or insights along the way, you can book time or schedule a reading with me - I got you! X - Robin

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