How do I get back to my center?

Spending time with Nature is one of my favorite remedies for ‘whatever ails you.’ Yesterday I visited the Denver Botanic Gardens with two of my dearest friends, for a late afternoon stroll and was reminded of how wonderfully inspiring and energizing a visit to a formal garden can be. It is a practice I started when I first started traveling for my Sales position at InCord.

I search for arboretums & botanic gardens whenever I arrive in a new city and have a bit of free time. I have found them to be places of respite and retreat that allow me to familiarize myself with the local climate, flora & fauna and can be great outposts for people watching or quiet reflection. They are a place where I can fill my artist’s well, find inspiration, and simply breathe fresh air. I am always impressed by the care of the grounds, the enthusiasm of the volunteers and the expansiveness of decades of planning, development, dedication, investment, and growth. There are countless reminders of patience, faith, hope, thoughtfulness, generosity, and love intermingled with advanced technology, modern science and age-old practices of cultivation, irrigation, and pruning. Gardens appeal to all our senses –sight, sound, smell, touch, taste and engage our Sixth Sense which allows us to deepen our sense of connection to Nature and to All.

I subscribe to the words that poet Dorothy Frances Gurney proclaimed, “One is nearer God’s heart in a garden, Than anywhere else on earth.”

So, if you are feeling off, looking to get grounded, find your center and/or expand your Spiritual Journey and get closer to the God of your understanding, a garden is a great place to Be. In a garden, the presence of Divine Feminine can be experienced on so many levels as well, they can be exquisitely beautiful, nurturing, expansive, life supporting and creative.  In a garden, we witness organic growth, synergy, collaboration, competition, seasons and cycles. It provides a habitat for countless birds, bees, insects and other creatures, including some from other dimensions like Trolls, Gnomes and Fairies, each having a specific role that supports the balance, health and well-being of All. Gardens are wonderful settings to connect with Beings of Light, Nature entities, friends and family or to simply just reconnect to yourself.

Connecting to yourself and experiencing a feeling of connection to something bigger than yourself is critical for a sense of overall well-being. When we can feel comfortable in our own skin and feel comfortable in our environment, we are able to relax and enjoy Life that much more! Allowing ourselves to dedicate time to the activities that bring us joy is a practice that I encourage and wholeheartedly engage in.

Creating your Dream Life – your Sleepless Dream, requires being intentional about how and where you are spending your most valuable resource, your time.

For many of us, we do not feel worthy or deserving of indulging in a selfish act of ‘self care’ or spending time doing something that we truly enjoy even though it would benefit everyone we come into contact with. It is helpful when this resistance appears to remember: When I serve myself, all others are served & it’s ok to give yourself permission to spend your time doing what nourishes your Soul.

Have Fun!!

X Robin

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