How to begin where you are

We all have to start somewhere and all we have is now. So, here and now is the best and only place to start, working with what you have – one baby step at a time.

Regardless of what it is you are trying to do, whether it is a personal goal to be more creative and use your natural talents or if it is a professional goal to take on more responsibility and rise to the next level, you already have what it takes to be successful, believe that and you are halfway there. Once you have goal, so you can focus on the outcome that you desire –visualization is key to manifesting your ideal outcome. Masters of Law of Attraction techniques, teach not to become attached to the outcome and not to get hung up on the ‘how.’

Using Vision Boards as physical reminders and visual aids is another way of helping your subconscious reinforce your focus. It gives you a quick, easy way to see what you are trying to attract, it acts like an accelerant for the manifestation process. It helps with 'seeing' what it is you want to attract. It can be used as a tool to practice aligning your vibration, your frequency to the successful outcome you want. Hold it for a minimum of 16 seconds to activate the Law of Attraction. Holding this vibration frequently and connecting to the feeling of accomplishment, seeing it in your mind’s eye or practicing Mind Sculpting, which is the art of envisioning and experiencing the activity with all your senses – will accelerate the whole process.

Start by declaring your intention and claiming your wish.

Play with your imagination to experience its fulfillment with every sense. Imagine how it feels as fully as possible. Where does that joy reside in your body? When you talk about it, use the present tense to claim it in the present instead of pushing it out in the future. 'Saying it makes it true.'

Identify your fears. Be honest with yourself about what is coming up for you and write it down! Claiming each fear will diminish its power over you, don’t be shy and do not underestimate the power of any fear, no matter how silly you might think it is, acknowledge it and check in with your body to see where it resides. Thank it for showing up so you can now move on. (If you chose you can burn the list as a final ritual to banish those fears.)

Envision and write about how your Life looks and feels once your dream comes true. Pay attention to what qualities you would like to experience during your journey – these are your anchors ie.: Bliss, contentment, effortless flow, enlightenment, insight, playfulness.

Identify any areas of your current life that match your description of your ideal outcome. Acknowledging what parts of your dream already are present keeps attracting more.

Practice Gratitude for what you have and for what is unfolding.

Invite Joy into your Life as you continue to enjoy your creative journey & live your Sleepless Dream!

Stay open to the power of unlimited potential & be intentional about defending your health and wellbeing.

Have fun!

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