Effective Journaling for Spiritual Growth

Have you ever known you were about to make a mistake, but you kept moving forward anyways? I spent my teens through thirties in that mode. I couldn’t seem to help myself from getting myself into situations that I had to fight to get myself out of and recover from, instead of turning and walking away the moment I sensed something was off. As it turns out, much of my default programming was based on faulty belief systems that I picked up as a child. I didn't trust myself. I had a damaged sense of self-worth, so even when I knew better - I still self-sabotaged or did things 'the hard way.' I spent years in the dark, operating as if life was out of my control and thinking that I was a victim and there wasn't much I could do about it.

I would journal endlessly about the changes I wish would happen, but until I watched "The Secret" I did not realize how much my own thoughts and beliefs were contributing to my current situation and that perhaps my style of journaling was contributing to the problem.

I had read "Celestine Prophecies" and "The Miracle of Mind Power" so I was somewhat clued in to frequency and vibration, however the Secret video really spelled it out for me. I quickly embraced the messages shared like it was my new job, I shared it with everyone who would listen. I dove into the "Teachings of Abraham/Esther Hicks", I listened to Louis Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" on repeat every night and started working with daily positive affirmations, I signed up for Mike Dooley's "Notes from the Universe" and not only claimed but started envisioning my lofty aspirations, I made my first vision board and mastered EFT/Tapping techniques.

Within a short amount of time, the changes in my life became undeniable. Within weeks I could see subtle changes, everything was working out in my favor and within only a couple of years, my life started to really become 'mine' and I was not only owning my mistakes and learning from them, I was starting to avoid them all together - I was in the Vortex of Well-Being and for the first time I was trusting myself to make good choices and have healthy boundaries.

The real shift was focusing on what I wanted instead of giving so much attention to what I did not want.

In addition to working with experts and external teachings, effective Journaling is a worthwhile practice for spiritual growth and discoveries. You can keep track of goals and progress, state your daily affirmations, give yourself Credit, count your blessings, call out your fears and really start to learn your voice. Journaling your thoughts is one way of being able to tap into your intuition and identify what other 'voices' or influences you are working with. Once you know your own voice, it is that much easier to differentiate the voice of Spirit or other entities that may be trying to get your attention. Journaling in the present tense and stating things as if they already are, is a rapid way of working with the laws of manifestation too.

We are continually challenged to new heights - there is no end to the lessons that we will learn and the opportunities that we will have for reflection. Mistakes are part of the creative process! We will continue to attract situations to ourselves that serve our highest good that just might still put us to a test and provide us ways to keep stretching and aspiring to new levels. The point of life isn't to get to a place where there isn't any risk - the point is to enjoy it as much as we can, to learn, grow, reflect and go on! The more we say "yes" to what lights us up and what brings us joy, the more there is to celebrate. Trust yourself & enjoy your Journey!!

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