Dreaming and Scheming

Here’s me. Taking my own advice. Walking the Walk. Scheming & Dreaming. Today’s focus: me. I know I should be writing that with a capital M and E, exclamation point!but it’s enough to have just spent 1hr* on mySelf & now be confessing it. (*Minus the first 11 minutes I took to ‘tidy’ my work space. In KMCC terms: I gave my self permission to procrastinate….although I my psychoanalytical friends may decide it was a classic attempt to ‘control my environment’; was it? I clean the kitchen before I cook too ~ it’s my preference to work in a clean space: that’s me: honoring my idiosyncrasies & preferences, giving in to what delights me. Slightly uncomfortable, a foreign yet familiar feeling…) I digressed, my point was to share that Tinker Time tonight was spent making a Vision Board, or a Dream Scheme as I like to refer to them (When spoken, “board” can be confused with “bored” and we are certainly NOT conjuring up anything boring!) Truth be told, I had thought, when I entered my studio for the first time in many Moons, that I would make something crafty, perhaps a book, a charm bracelet, a painting or one of the other countless ideas that I have floating around in my head, but instead, not knowing where to begin, I honored the gentle, patient Voice within, and responded to the request to spend sometime ‘making Me.’

Dream Schemes, Dream Maps, Vision Boards, (even one single image) positioned in a place that you will see frequently, coupled with imagining how it would feel to have for our own) – work with the Law of Attraction. A simple, yet incredibly powerful tool that helps us to ‘see’ our future as we would like it to be. The positive images and captions work with our subconscious to draw nearer to us the things, thoughts and feelings we chose. Objects of our Desires. Wishful Thinking. Unapologetic Requests for what we Want, not what we logically think we can get. More effective than Magic Beans & without the danger of a Giant. Real Deal Magic.

Once your images are assembled, it’s prudent to explain your Life in present tense. So as you can see, I’m stylin’ & enjoying the outdoors, exercising my abilities to decide what I want & exploring my Divine Rights to do the things that make Me Happy. I am comfortable in my own skin. I am timeless Beauty & Grace & Creative Flow. I and I are One with All & we know Peace.

Sharing with Love, Light and Audacity X Robin

P.S. I can’t wait to hear & see what you are Dreaming In. Reach out to me if you do find yourself feeling stuck or in need of support or encouragement (or you need magazines, scissors, a glue stick & a sick playlist.) Love You!!

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