the Art of Asking Questions

When you are confronted with a directive, whether from another person or from a sense of internal guidance, do you initially meet it with resistance? When someone or some voice provides you with a command or instructive insight, how do you typically respond? Even if it is just a mere suggestion, do you immediately reject the idea? Do you push back? Does yoursense of rebellion kick in and reject all offers? Do you find yourself on autoreply asking something along the lines of “What the F?”- “What the F For?”- “Who the F Cares?” – “What good would it do?” Do you undermine yourself with questions like “What do I know?” & “Who do I think I am?”

We will work with an example of internal dialogue. (Because obvi, someone else telling you what to do is a whole different can of worms.)Let’s say you are in the shower (because that is where you get your best ideas)and you hear a voice or get a feeling and are struck with an idea….let’s say that idea is for a business that you’ve been wanting to start for a while and you know it is in perfect alignment with your talents, passion and experience – or it’s a new plot twist for the graphic novel you’ve been dreaming of but are afraid to tell anyone about – or you know exactly what your next IG post is going to be, but you are worried that it’s just too plain.

Just for giggles, we will run through a few of your internal arguments & see how to flip the coin:

You: “why?” Coin flip: “why not?”

You: “who cares?” Coin flip: “who can I serve?” (those are your people – they care!)

Couldn’t you trade, “what the F for?” with “what have I learned that I can teach someone else?”

Granted, the alternative questions do not have the same punchy edge, and don’t necessarily provide a set up for a negative (rhetorical)response, but that’s exactly my point. If you are familiar with the Four Agreements, you are striving to be Impeccable with Your Word. So, you can throw in an F-Bomb for fuck’s sake and demand to know: “How did I get so fuckin’ lucky?!”

Just being mindful of our responses can create a positive shift that enables us to become open to all possibilities instead of eliminating them before we even get started. If you follow Mike Dooley, Playing the Matrix, you know, not to question the “hows” and to just try and imagine how the desired outcome would feel. Try formulating questions that help you arrive at that feeling, like “How flippin’ great would that be?!” &“Wouldn’t that feel liberating AF?!”It costs the same to ask for help as it does to insist that there is ‘no way.’ It’s free to ask, ”how flippin hard could that be?” instead of defaulting to “How the F! am I going to do that?”

When you are not comfortable asking for help, it seems hard,intimidating, difficult, maybe even impossible. When you’ve been programmed for so long to self sabotage, it will be an exercise that requires intention and discipline. One questions you can start with is “how can I be more open to receive?”Make the request to yourself & ask to just be a little more open, so that when help finds you, you can accept it graciously. Could you ask yourself to be a few percent more open to the ideas of things working out easily for you? Can you give yourself permission to go with the flow?

Asking small questions plants seeds in your subconscious and initiates a draw towards you of supporting answers, clues, opportunities and synchronicity.  By staying open to the limitless potential and abundance of opportunities – remaining in the Vortex of Well being, as described by Abraham (Esther Hicks) we stay in a place of curiosity and inquisitiveness in the healthiest most imaginative, expansive ways. Keep wondering: “how does that inspire me?” & continue to explore“how can I inspire others?” Let the answers continue to reveal themselves, all in due time, and remember: Seek & you shall find.

The art of asking questions is a creative journey that works as effectively internally as it does externally. As Above, So Below. As within,so without. So, we can ask of ourselves or we can quite literally ask of others, either way, it’s free!

Any questions?

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