Dream Schemes

Dream Schemes

syn.: Dream Map, Vision Board, Story Board

Dream: a cherished aspiration, goal, wish or ideal

Scheme: a course of action for putting a particular idea into effect

Dream Scheme workshops do not require any artistic ability. Pat-Knack-Vision-Board-webThey only require an open mind and willingness to Live the Life of your Dreams. Sacred space is created, for empowered individuals who are motivated to change, who seek a supportive community to explore their visions & celebrate the manifestations of their thoughts into things.

Vision Boards were popularized by John Assaraf and featured in “The Secret”, as he & others explained how to use the Power of Intention & Visualization to Achieve Your Dreams.

In the book, “The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life” by Joyce Schwarz, she states that vision boards are “deceptively simple yet powerful tools.”

Another participant of “The Secret”, Bob Proctor wrote in the introduction of Joyce’s book, “Vision Boards are one of the most powerful ways to visualize your goals and keep you focused…I recommend using a vision board more than any other method of visualization. It’s an excellent method for helping you attract the good you desire – in all areas of your life.”

Fee includes: art supplies including magazines for images, magic wand, access to continued support & encouragement, Kaizen-Muse tools & techniques to overcome fears, overwhelm & procrastination. Participants can bring their own magazines with appealing images and positive captions but it is not required.