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Your New Favorite Accessory

Hand-crafted with lots of Love.

Magical spells are woven into every creation with hand stamped metal, hemp cord, re-purposed beads & findings, gemstone, shell, bone & horn.

Enjoy as a necklace, anklet, bracelet, headband, hair tie, key chain, & bookmark ~ each comes with multipurpose nylon band.

Personalized Creations &
Custom Stamping are available.


Custom Stamping Word(s)

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You’re not alone if you can’t just chose one.

Order one for every chakra or every day of the week.

Your necklace will be unique & not an exact copy of images displayed on this page.

Red – Vitality, Passion

Orange – Creativity

Yellow – Comfort, Stability

Green – Prosperity, Growth

Blue – Clarity

Purple – Insight

Black – Protection

White – Purity, Possibility

Pink – Self Love

Rainbow – Joy

Brown – Grounding

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