About the Coach

Personal Mission Statement:
To guide, inspire & empower others. To identify what creates joy and excitement & honor the journey every (small) step of the way.

How I became a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach™:
As a student of Life, I have read, studied, yearned for & attracted information about Spiritual Laws of Success, Quantum Physics, Laws of Attraction, Miracles of Mind Power, the Power of Now, Positive Affirmations ~ coupled with the influences of Astrology, the Zodiacs, the archetypal language of the Tarot, Symbols and Signs in Numerology, Enneagrams, World Religions and Spirituality – like you, perhaps, searching for the next piece to the puzzle, trying to have it ‘all’ make sense. I have been guided to many sacred and blessed places and have had the good fortune to meet countless good peoples along my way. I have been a student, a tutor, a trainer, a manager, an artist, a singer, a mom & sometimes still felt very alone, lost, confused & frustrated. I have worn countless hats & juggled infinite balls, trying to please others & do what I thought would gain me approval, in society, with my family & lastly with myself. I have celebrated successes in my endeavors and know the taste of tears of disappointment. I never give up. I just keep searching.

IMG_1883In a quest to expand my creative potential, I encounter Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™, which ties so many little threads together for me. It works with the science of the brain, by passing the blessed amygdala, which has been credited with our fight or flight reactions, keeping us ‘alive’, but maybe sometimes also keeping us from ‘living.’ It honors the creative process & knows that it is non-linear. It builds on successes & encourages use of intuition. It works with Mind-Sculpting and Guided Meditations, proven to help to reduce stress & accelerate the success of the outcome. It teaches Kaizen – small steps (continuous improvement) & small questions. It inspires you to ask, how can I make this more fun and enjoyable?

For many years now, Kaizen-Muse techniques and tools have enhanced my Life on all levels. Simple, science based steps -that help identify and break down fears & creative blocks; dispel overwhelm, remove obstacles & bypass procrastination, by creating healthy positive habits & allowing for the enjoyment of creative (or any) process. In Life, there will always be peaks & valleys; with KMCC the journey is enhanced, one baby step at a time.

IMG_2163I’m remain steadfast and passionate about helping others help themselves. Helping others identify their self-worth, their personal power, their inner Goddess, their creative outlet, their voice of Truth.

I’m honored to help You connect with Your JOY!!! I’m excited to help fan the flames that light you up.

In addition to being a Coach, I am also a single mom, owner of two small, adorable dogs, a multi-media artist – check me out on etsy. I am Creative Visionary & owner of  InCord, the largest netting supplier in the US, a DoTerra Wellness Advocate and an aspiring singer/songwriter.

When I tell you, I understand balancing work and life, your passions and responsibilities, your shoulds, your musts and your would love tos – I mean it!! Contact me today & take a small step towards Livin’ Your Sleepless Dream – we will both be glad you did! xo Robin

Peace & Love.Me