The More the Merrier

Success is not how high you've climbed but how many people you brought with you. Wil RoseBig Ideas. Small Steps. Start where you are. Work with what you already have. Evoke your hidden talents. Entice your whole-Self to fully participate without inhibitions. Push your limits. Acknowledge the Fear and thank it for your imminent growth. Gather encouragement in all forms. Celebrate your unique contribution with your own style and creative flair. Help others achieve what they are striving for along your way. Create lasting partnerships of success with others. Delight in each others’ triumphs and mile-stones. Know things might not go as planned. Set goals and make plans anyways. Stay Flexible. Extract wisdom from flowers & trees: Together they make forests and gardens & countless benefit from their collective growth. Strive for Balance. Learn lessons together and encourage the persistence of an exploratory Spirit. Take turns. Take Breaks. Break bread together. Make Bread together. Play nice. Harmonize. Sing Loud, Sing Proud, together & often. Give thanks for those who came before you and have blazed a trail. May they always inspire the Pioneer within. Prepare the way for those who will walk in your footsteps. Practice being Tidy & Neat. Light others’ Candles. Shine as bright as you can. Smile. Be Loving, kind, and forgiving with your Tribe, Pack, Clan, School of Fish, Family, Colleagues, You. We are all One. It’s not about how you should treat others; its how we treat us. There are no others. One Heart, One Love. It behooves us ALL to share our brilliance ~ when we all work together we accomplish more than our singular efforts could produce.

One of my beloved Sisters favorite English words: Synergy.

The definition of synergy is two or more things working together in order to create something that is bigger or greater than the sum of their individual efforts.

In the words of Abraham: “Everything is working out in our favor. Everything is always working out in our favor.” Thank you for your contribution to my success. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of yours. Here’s to our current and future successes. Dream BIG!!

xoxo ~Robin

It’s nice to know that we don’t need to wait till tomorrow, we can start to change the world today!
~Wil Rose

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