Vision Board Workshop, Knack, Oct 4, 2014

Here’s what you shared after our time together Oct. 4:

“Wonderful! Both useful and Fun. I’ve realized that this was one area of my life that I focused on with the board I made today. Now I have to focus on my work!” ~ Angelica

“What a wonderful experience! Coming into this I felt overwhelmed about things I wanted to dream about – having 2 small children often limits my time to think about ME. The guided meditation in the beginning of class really helped me let go, be in the moment and get the most out of this workshop. Thank you!” ~ Amy

“Workshop helped me bring my ideas together – ones that I’ve been thinking about for quite a while.
This is so much fun! I loved just letting my imagination + creativity + dreams take center in my Life.” ~ Pat

Update from Pat, Nov. 29, 2014:

I took your class in Vision Boards at Knack in Easthampton at the beginning of October. I’ve attached a photo of the board. So what has happened since then?

Dogs – When I put the dogs on the board, I was thinking of how much I missed having a dog. The Vision board pushed me in another direction – I started volunteering at the local shelter and now I have a part-time paid job there!

Gardening – I was accepted into the Master Gardener program! The Vision Board and I were in sync here! BUT after my experience with the dogs, I did add a “Pat Krusko Master Gardener 2015” to the original board. Just wanted to be clear about what I wanted!

Can’t wait to see how the rest unfolds! And thinking that it may be time for a new board.

Thanks for such a great class and introducing me to such a great tool,

Pat Krusko

I truly hope you are all experiencing wonderful synchronicity and good fortune. Do you feel your dreams coming true? Are you using your Magic Wand? Keep Dreaming BIG! Dreams really do come true! Have fun on your Journey!! xoxo Robin

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