I’ve been exploring Forgiveness – understanding that it’s critical to forgive others, so we aren’t holding on to the resentment and toxic energy – housing negativity in our Temple. The idea of forgiving myself however is as uncomfortable as sitting on a bale of hay, that’s crawling with ants, under a sweltering hot Summer Sun. The idea of extending the same unconditional love, grace and compassion to myself that I would allow for everyone else, is hard to swallow – mostly because I know I haven’t. I haven’t ever completely let myself off the hook. The perfectionist in me knows I fucked up. Knows I ignored signs, didn’t listen to my intuition, overrode my Higher Self – that’s hard to forgive. I let myself be silenced and intimidated because I didn’t want to upset someone else, wanted to accommodate someone’s agenda & ultimately was afraid of being abandoned. I didn’t want to appear less than perfect, instead I sacrificed everything that I hold dear: my authenticity.

At some young, impressionable age, my sense of self worth was destroyed, I was broken, damaged goods, and for the most part, I was ignorant of my dilemma, so I just kept attracting examples that supported the beliefs I held to be true. Patterns continued to emerge that reinforced the ideas that I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t someone anyone would ever commit to, be faithful to, or make a priority. I settled for verbal abuse, emotional neglect and less than poetic relationships. I don’t hold any grudges, I can rationalize anyone else’s behavior & from a place of true compassion recognize that they were acting out from places of trauma, hurt and fear too.  They were simply responding to the low vibration and even lower expectations that I was so familiar with. As messed up as it was, it didn’t stop me from ‘falling in Love’ and learning the hard way, time and time again. Destined to fail every time because none of us were vessels that could hold enough Love, not for ourselves, let alone each other. Turns out the most challenging person for me to truly love is me, as it is with forgiveness; Why is it seemingly so difficult to show ourselves some Grace? Isn’t the Golden Rule circular? Do unto others as you would do unto yourself….Do unto yourself as you would do for others.Kind-Word-web

We’ve been told ‘we are the love that we are seeking’ and ‘you have to love yourself first to love others’ – that’s a big enough challenge for some of us to get our heads around. Now add to mix, you’ve got to forgive yourself completely and let everyone else off the hook too – we’re so fucked – how we gonna do that?

Forgiveness is releasing yourself and others from your attachment to outcome, allowing yourself to free up that space for a more positive, creative energy. Free up your emotional ties, acknowledge the lesson, bless the opportunity to learn. Give yourself credit for what you endured and commend yourself for your resilience & strengths. Become aware of all the signs, that you chose to ignore and gently promise yourself to practice honoring your intuition and trusting your higher self.

One of the fundamentals of Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching, is the Credit Report or Ta-Dah List, where you acknowledge your successes, give yourself credit for goals you’ve accomplished and list victories of all sizes. I think I might encourage a second list, and I’m open to catchy names for it – I’m pretty sure my teen would call it the “Chuck it in the Fuck it Bucket” list, could be the “Let everyone off the hook” list or perhaps simply put the “Forgive and Forget” list. Whatever you call it, try naming all the things you’re still holding against others, including yourself. By doing so, you free up that Space, which in turns creates a space for more abundance, more joy, more peace, more love, more irieness to fill in. Let me know how it goes…..I think “Throw away 50 things” might have been an easier challenge for me. Just like the physical act of tidying our space, letting go of anything that does not bring us Joy is Freedom. Forgiveness liberates us from unnecessary emotional clutter that is just junking up our space. So here’s to chuckin’ it in the fuck it Bucket and enjoying more of the things that light us up!!! Enjoy the Process :-) X Robin

You were born to ShineHere are some other ideas and tools for Forgiveness:

DoTerra Forgive touch roller – use daily or as needed, roll over Heart to aid with release.

Tapping/E.F.T. – Emotional Freedom Technique (maybe someday I’ll make my own tapping video, until then, search YouTube, you’ll find a ton on videos you can follow along with.)

Mirror Work, Positive Affirmations & Anchors – look up Louise Hay – she’s got decades of content on this.

Journaling/Forgiveness List/Gratitude Lists (remember: be thankful for the lesson, gratitude is a must)

Work with Nature/your Element: Fire signs may chose to burn their list in a ceremonial fire. Earth signs could bury it or plant it with seeds, bulbs or a tree to show new intentions. Air signs can visualize them being carried by the Wind. Water signs, cast thoughts into the waves or watch them wash down a drain.

Work with Faeries to remind you of the importance of Play and having Fun, & not holding onto grudges, resentment or fear.

Work with Angels to support You with unconditional Love and acceptance.

Work with a Coach or Therapist to help support any of the ideas above.

Sleepless Dream: Origin Story

Introduction to becoming a Sleepless Dreamer

When I was 20 years old, I accomplished a goal that I had set over a decade before as younger girl, wanting to escape the chilly woodlands of rural Connecticut: I was in Spain. Not only was I in Spain, I was enrolled in a foreign exchange program through CCSU & I managed to get myself matriculated at Universidad de Leon. So, more specifically, I was in Spain, for 10 months – Living the Dream! Except back then, that phrase hadn’t become trendy yet. The internet and wifi hadn’t taken over the Globe yet and my mode of communication and information exchange was still mostly by way of face to face conversations, shared books, mix-tapes, phone calls from pay phones and hand written letters.

It was there that I began to receive messages from Spirit that I couldn’t ignore. For lack of a better explanation, my room was haunted, by a restless Spirit. It would refuse to let me sleep and urge me to get up and draw. Mind you, I’ve been aware of Angels and other Light Beings in Spirit ever since I can recall and I grew up in an inhabited house on the Historic Lebanon Green in CT, so it wasn’t just that my room had spiritual activity, that much I was used to – it’s that it was so insistent on what it wanted me to do. I think, at some point, we’ve all had creative urges, hunches, impulses or insistent ghosts. When we tune into their guidance and start to differentiate from our own egotistical limitations, we engage with our Higher Selves & can live authentically – like we are in a dream, without being asleep.

The way I receive message from Spirit is best described as a thought that isn’t mine. I rarely see images, have visions or hear messages, but I do know the difference between my own thoughts and those that just seem to appear. So, I did something that now I would call very “Kaizen”, I started where I was and worked with what I had. I used a number 2 pencil and drew my totem symbols from that time: a sun & a moon. I found a local school supply store and purchased a small box of colored pencils, I took my simple drawing to the library and made copies for about $0.10/ea. and they became the stationary that I used to write all my letters to friends and family around the globe. On the back of each I would scribe: Sleepless Dream (peace & love.) Me

A few years later, after finally graduating, my next manifestation was an adventure to Puerto Rico to sing with a reggae band & live out my dream of Island Life in the Caribbean.  A rather dramatic 10 months later, I returned to the snowy river valleys of CT. The internet was in full swing and I was determined to create web sites so that I could work, on a laptop, from a beach, anywhere in the world. In 1999, I purchased my domain name: – (I considered Perpetual Daydream but thought it might be too hard to spell/explain so kept it simple.) I taught myself FrontPage ’98 & made my first cyber debut. All the while, not realizing that I was once again, working with the Law of Attraction and making my own dreams come true.

Fast forward through my twenties – I managed to not completely self destruct and just before I turned 30, I received my biggest blessing: when my daughter Ana Glorivette was born – total game changer! Besides being a single mom recovering from a reckless youth and trying to balance work/home duties, my thirties were mothumb_Canada09 028_1024stly dedicated to trying to trying to unf*ck myself – getting myself therapy & working with Shaman to stop the pattern of abusive relationships. I started practicing giving myself permission to Lighten Up, tried to figure out self-care, made vision boards, read tarot, dosed myself with essential oils, practiced the magic art of tidying up & the joy of throwing things away. I was discovering I had inherent worth and trying to figure out how I could share what I learned with others. For the first time, I was actively trying to over come destructive patterns based on early childhood abuse and past life traumas, that I had subconsciously locked up for so long. I explored everything I could get my hands on about Miracle of Mind Power, Manifestation, Law of Attraction, Positive Affirmations, Vision Boards, NLP, EFT, Crystals, Essential Oils, Reiki, Tarot, Fen Shui, Numerology, the Zodiac, Spirituality – you name it, I was trying to make sense of it all – in fact I still am & I always will Be. Sleepless Dream became my portal to the wide world to share my findings, discoveries, inspirations and Joy.

Present day, Sleepless Dream is a Lifestyle:  I am thankfully still moved by Spirit to create Art and Music cropped-logo_grey.jpgand do random acts of kindness. I strive to be impeccable with my word, mindful that my actions are in alignment with my goals, focused on the outcomes that I desire, conscious that everything is connected. I actively seeking for ways to protect our environment, raise awareness about Spiritual truths, Angels, Faerie and Divine Feminine. I am motivated to empower others and driven to follow my own creative Bliss, in hopes that I inspire others to do the same. My advice for dreamers: There is no right place to start, there is no right thing to do. When you look back, you’ll see, you were on the Path all along – your own Journey of self discovery – your own Sleepless Dream. Stay true to you. Stay close to what nourishes your Soul. Graciously accept help and encouragement from Others. Gratitude is a must. Let Spirit Guide You. Get to know the voice of your Higher Guidance & trust that Spirit will encourage the Greatest and Highest Good for All. Have FUN!!! Come with Love & Go in Peace.

Align, Balance & Passion

I’d like to let you know about a blog by Inner Wilderness Guide, Dawn Kotzer, MKMCC. She writes about her three words for the new year and Chris Brogan’s practice of 3 words selection. Check out her website, have fun exploring her pages that are filled with Beauty, Wonder, Creative Insights and Gems. Feeling motivated by her post and fed up with my stagnant status, I finally return to blog about mine – stretching myself and getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Thank you Dawn for the inspiration & positive example that you set.


The body achieves what the mind believes.

My 3 words for 2019 are: Stretch. Ground. Sing!

I have a compulsive urge to always take things to another level, so I asked myself what essential oils did I associate with each word? It would have been every easy to just pick the box of Yoga Oils: Align, Anchor & Arise – but I tend to think outside of boxes, so I only chose one, ‘Align’ to pair with Stretch – Align promotes feelings of self acceptance, trust, and fluidity, encourages harmony and calm progress. ‘Balance’ because it’s literally the Grounding Blend and ‘Passion’ for Sing! because it is my passion numero uno and needs to be relocated to my front burner this year.

The words I chose are simple yet have multiple meanings. I am certain they will continue to show me how much more they can mean, as the year unfolds. Here’s what I’m starting with:

Stretch, because very literally, I need to stretch. My body NEEDS it. I can feel my muscles holding tension, staying knotting up, shortened, stressed – like I’m punishing myself for some bad choice. So, I will stretch, reach my toes, twist my waist and maybe even someday make it to a yoga class. I will also stretch my mind, explore new pathways, be open to new ideas and inspirations. I will stretch my boundaries and push myself beyond comfort zones. I will stretch out and relax when I need to & stretch beyond my norm to develop a practice with Centering Blend.   doTERRA Align features Bergamot, Coriander, Marjoram, Peppermint, Jasmine, and Rose essential oils. The combination supports you to trust in yourself and stay open to all possibilities. Jasmine and Rose are two oils associated with the Heart Chakra:Love – another area that admittedly needs some stretching and release.

IMG_3074Ground is basic, I need to stay grounded. Centered. Balanced. Working with the oil blend Balance or Grounding Blend is something I’ve been doing doing for years. I tend to alternate between diffusing Balance or Passion at work and will often put Balance around my ear lobes to hit as many nerve receptors as I can. This winter I’ve been chanting to myself, “I am grounded, I am centered,” as I’m traversing icy parking lots and frozen walkways, as I come and go. Ground for me also means feet on the ground – outside, in the sand, in the dirt – in Nature, ‘earthing’ – reconnecting to Pacha-mama – spending time with Faeries – disconnecting from electronics and earthly demands – seeking Higher Ground.

Sing! should have been my first word, but I’m still practicing taking it off the back burner. Singing is my favorite thing to do. It’s also the thing I do least, that I find hardest to allow myself time for. This year I am fully focused on making my desire to Sing, a request from my Soul that I will honor and dedicate time, energy and attention to. I’ll be spending time reflecting on the word ‘Sing!’ everyday. I’ll looking forward to being able to better Align myself with what I know I want to do and strike a Balance with keeping my feet on the Ground but my head in the Stars.

If you’re like me, you deny yourself what you most crave, your Heart’s desire, your Soul’s longing. Good news, is everyday, we get a chance to make it a priority. To can allow ourselves to put it first, make or find time for it & spend that time in pure Bliss, knowing it’s what we were born for. Grant yourself permission to connect with your Joy! Could you allow yourself 5 minutes to dedicate to your passion? Can you give yourself permission to take just one tiny, baby step? What’s one thing you can do, today? Stating your intention is a great place to start – write it down – make it real. How does it feel to see it in writing?

I hope you have fun discovering your 3 words and that you find yourself over the moon happy & blissed out with the insight and inspirations that they reveal to you during the year. I hope you continue to pour fuel on your creative fires & wildly chase after your dreams.

stretch - ground - sing!

Be sure to put your 3 words someplace that you can see them daily.

Let me know how it goes – or call on me if you need a coach to support you along your way.

Blessed be your Journey
x Robin

Share your 3 words in the comments – keep checking back in and let us know how they continue to work magic throughout the year.

Dreaming and Scheming

IMG_5589Here’s me. Taking my own advice. Walking the Walk. Scheming & Dreaming. Today’s focus: me. I know I should be writing that with a capital M and E, exclamation point!but it’s enough to have just spent 1hr* on mySelf & now be confessing it. (*Minus the first 11 minutes I took to ‘tidy’ my work space. In KMCC terms: I gave my self permission to procrastinate….although I my psychoanalytical friends may decide it was a classic attempt to ‘control my environment’; was it? I clean the kitchen before I cook too ~ it’s my preference to work in a clean space: that’s me: honoring my idiosyncrasies & preferences, giving in to what delights me. Slightly uncomfortable, a foreign yet familiar feeling…) I digressed, my point was to share that Tinker Time tonight was spent making a Vision Board, or a Dream Scheme as I like to refer to them (When spoken, “board” can be confused with “bored” and we are certainly NOT conjuring up anything boring!) Truth be told, I had thought, when I entered my studio for the first time in many Moons, that I would make something crafty, perhaps a book, a charm bracelet, a painting or one of the other countless ideas that I have floating around in my head, but instead, not knowing where to begin, I honored the gentle, patient Voice within, and responded to the request to spend sometime ‘making Me.’

Dream Schemes, Dream Maps, Vision Boards, (even one single image) positioned in a place that you will see frequently, coupled with imagining how it would feel to have for our own) – work with the Law of Attraction. A simple, yet incredibly powerful tool that helps us to ‘see’ our future as we would like it to be. The positive images and captions work with our subconscious to draw nearer to us the things, thoughts and feelings we chose. Objects of our Desires. Wishful Thinking. Unapologetic Requests for what we Want, not what we logically think we can get. More effective than Magic Beans & without the danger of a Giant. Real Deal Magic.

Once your images are assembled, it’s prudent to explain your Life in present tense. So as you can see, I’m stylin’ & enjoying the outdoors, exercising my abilities to decide what I want & exploring my Divine Rights to do the things that make Me Happy. I am comfortable in my own skin. I am timeless Beauty & Grace & Creative Flow. I and I are One with All & we know Peace.

Sharing with Love, Light and Audacity X Robin

P.S. I can’t wait to hear & see what you are Dreaming In. Reach out to me if you do find yourself feeling stuck or in need of support or encouragement (or you need magazines, scissors, a glue stick & a sick playlist.) Love You!!


The More the Merrier

Success is not how high you've climbed but how many people you brought with you. Wil RoseBig Ideas. Small Steps. Start where you are. Work with what you already have. Evoke your hidden talents. Entice your whole-Self to fully participate without inhibitions. Push your limits. Acknowledge the Fear and thank it for your imminent growth. Gather encouragement in all forms. Celebrate your unique contribution with your own style and creative flair. Help others achieve what they are striving for along your way. Create lasting partnerships of success with others. Delight in each others’ triumphs and mile-stones. Know things might not go as planned. Set goals and make plans anyways. Stay Flexible. Extract wisdom from flowers & trees: Together they make forests and gardens & countless benefit from their collective growth. Strive for Balance. Learn lessons together and encourage the persistence of an exploratory Spirit. Take turns. Take Breaks. Break bread together. Make Bread together. Play nice. Harmonize. Sing Loud, Sing Proud, together & often. Give thanks for those who came before you and have blazed a trail. May they always inspire the Pioneer within. Prepare the way for those who will walk in your footsteps. Practice being Tidy & Neat. Light others’ Candles. Shine as bright as you can. Smile. Be Loving, kind, and forgiving with your Tribe, Pack, Clan, School of Fish, Family, Colleagues, You. We are all One. It’s not about how you should treat others; its how we treat us. There are no others. One Heart, One Love. It behooves us ALL to share our brilliance ~ when we all work together we accomplish more than our singular efforts could produce.

One of my beloved Sisters favorite English words: Synergy.

The definition of synergy is two or more things working together in order to create something that is bigger or greater than the sum of their individual efforts.

In the words of Abraham: “Everything is working out in our favor. Everything is always working out in our favor.” Thank you for your contribution to my success. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of yours. Here’s to our current and future successes. Dream BIG!!

xoxo ~Robin

It’s nice to know that we don’t need to wait till tomorrow, we can start to change the world today!
~Wil Rose

Dream Big!!

Think-Big-web“Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; nothing expands possibilities like unleashed thinking.”

William Arthur Ward

 Perhaps one of the hardest things for us to do is Dream Big enough. It’s not so common that we make goals and don’t reach them, it’s that we fail to make goals or give our ideas credit enough to follow through with them. We get stuck within our ideas of what is possible, rather than, with the wonder and imagination of a Child ~ allowing ourselves to Dream beyond what we think is possible. The Law of Attraction does not grant wishes based on our tangible standards of Big, Small, Hard or Easy. It simply reacts to our thoughts and feelings and the vibrations that we send off. So, I invite you today: Give yourself permission to DREAM BIG & watch the possibilities expand!!

Believe it or not

Believe you can and you are halfway there.

“Whether you believe you can, or believe that you can’t, you are absolutely right.” Henry Ford

Vision Board Workshop, Knack, Oct 4, 2014

Here’s what you shared after our time together Oct. 4:

“Wonderful! Both useful and Fun. I’ve realized that this was one area of my life that I focused on with the board I made today. Now I have to focus on my work!” ~ Angelica

“What a wonderful experience! Coming into this I felt overwhelmed about things I wanted to dream about – having 2 small children often limits my time to think about ME. The guided meditation in the beginning of class really helped me let go, be in the moment and get the most out of this workshop. Thank you!” ~ Amy

“Workshop helped me bring my ideas together – ones that I’ve been thinking about for quite a while.
This is so much fun! I loved just letting my imagination + creativity + dreams take center in my Life.” ~ Pat

Update from Pat, Nov. 29, 2014:

I took your class in Vision Boards at Knack in Easthampton at the beginning of October. I’ve attached a photo of the board. So what has happened since then?

Dogs – When I put the dogs on the board, I was thinking of how much I missed having a dog. The Vision board pushed me in another direction – I started volunteering at the local shelter and now I have a part-time paid job there!

Gardening – I was accepted into the Master Gardener program! The Vision Board and I were in sync here! BUT after my experience with the dogs, I did add a “Pat Krusko Master Gardener 2015” to the original board. Just wanted to be clear about what I wanted!

Can’t wait to see how the rest unfolds! And thinking that it may be time for a new board.

Thanks for such a great class and introducing me to such a great tool,

Pat Krusko

I truly hope you are all experiencing wonderful synchronicity and good fortune. Do you feel your dreams coming true? Are you using your Magic Wand? Keep Dreaming BIG! Dreams really do come true! Have fun on your Journey!! xoxo Robin

Please share your adventure with us here.
“Speak Your Mind” & Post your Comment below.
Check in & post updates as often as you like!

Use your Wings

Where do your thoughts take you? Do you Soar with them? Do you dare to Dream Big?

So often we are limited by our own thoughts. We clip their wings and limit our own imagination.

Today I invite you to step out of the cage. The door was never locked.

Spread your Wings. Inhale slowly. Feel the breeze of distant lands that beckon you to explore the vastness of your inner space. Dive Deep. Soar High. Exhale softly.

You can start where you are. Work with what you got.

Can you think of just one, ridiculously small step, that you can take in the direction of your Highest Ambition? (When do you think you could do that? Is it a small enough step? If you feel any resistance, make it smaller, sillier, more fun!)

You are NOT Alone. The fears and blocks you experience are felt by many a silent sufferer.

Still, You are watched over and cheered on from the Highest High! You are supported and encouraged by hosts of Angels unseen who celebrate your every breath.

Be gentle with yourself and honor the process. Recognize how far you have come. Give thanks for the challenges that have built your strengths. Look forward with optimism and hope; with the reassurance that you CAN accomplish anything you set your mind to. Your thoughts have Wings & so do you. Use them.

one cannot fly into flying

I Believe you CAN fly

“There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask “What if I fall?”
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?”
– Erin Hanson

Leap, and the net will appear.
– John Burroughs

No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings.
– William Blake

“Whether You Believe You Can, or You Can’t, You are Right.
-Henry Ford

I Believe in YOU. Shine On!

Give Yourself Credit

When is the last time you patted yourself on the back?

Have you taken stock of all you have accomplished lately?

One of my personal favorite & perhaps most underused KMCC Tools is a Credit List or a TaDah! List.

Too often we stay in “go-mode” feeling like we aren’t getting anything done. (When we can enjoy the process, the product takes care of itself.) We think that we aren’t making any progress. Truth is: you are making great strides. Perhaps it is a struggle. (Your strength is inspiring to countless others.) Life can be frustrating and set-backs may seem devastating. They too shall pass. Hindsight allows us to see things more clearly. Itemizing what we have achieved allows us to stop, (take a deep breath in) reflect and gain confidence, reestablish motivation (exhale slowly) and take a well deserved break from our incessant doing. It can add fuel to our fire and remind us of what is important to us or highlight what may be keeping us from what we really want to be doing.

Do you have a pen and paper handy? Write down everything that you got done today. Can you keep going to include this week? Month? Year?

Waking up, leaving the comfort of your bed, getting kids to school, completing a full day’s work, loading the dishwasher and folding laundry counts!

Take a moment. Let your shoulders relax. Let your Guard down. You’re doing your best right? That’s enough.

You are enough. You do enough. You’re good enough.


Enough with the self imposed pressures. Time for a sigh of relief. Time for a break. Time to give yourself credit.

Extra Credit: remember how fun it was to get an allowance as a child? A seemingly horrible chore earned you a few cents to put towards something that you cherished? Why not barter with yourself now? Could folding a load of laundry earn you 15 minutes of “ME” time? See if you can have fun with your chores! Then, give yourself Credit for ALL that you do. At the very least, take a bow & gracefully rise up, hands in the air & proclaim: Ta-Dah!!!

You ARE Amazing! Shine on!